I have suffered with insomnia for 7 years now.  I have tried prescription sleep medication, herbs as well as different expensive formulas from the medical marijuana pharmacy.  None of these helped me until I tried Insomnia Serum.  Marisol Elixirs products are high quality and have given me consistent results since I began using them. 

 Insomnia Serum has given me back a restful night’s sleep.  Thank you!


~Cindy M. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

My next door neighbor is retired but works a part time job at Angel Stadium doing parking control. One evening he did a favor for one of the attendees and the guy gave him a container of one of your products. My neighbor let me try it for my pain in my right arm. It helped me more than anything else I've tried. And because of the reduced pain I was able to sleep better. I immediately went to the website and placed an order which I received the next day. I now have my own supply and enjoyed another good night sleep last night. Thank You

~Kirk S. Of Anaheim

"Hey there, I just wanted you to know those drops before bed and my morning sugars have been under 100. If you're making anymore I would like to buy some. I'll let you know what my A1C is in a month."

~Diana R. Fine, with controlled Diabetes. 

As an ex-athlete, trainer, someone who has chronic back pain and has gone underwent serious spinal surgery, I am thoroughly pleased with Cann-i-Tape's cannesio sports wrap with THC and CBD.

Starting from the first couple of minutes after applying pieces along my back, my muscles started to relax and the pain started to dissipate.

I wasn't expecting such a drastic change in how I felt, as I'm very familiar with regular KT tape and use it frequently after chiropractic treatments. Easy to apply and feels like a second skin, not restricting any movement or activities.

I would highly recommend this product for back pain, spasms, inflammation and general recovery and have already passed it along to my chiropractor to share with their other patients"


~Tao Thoma  

"Im Charles Michael Meyer, 68 years old and just had prostate surgery, along with joint pain and depression. 

Since using the drops and balm I'm greatly improved on all fronts. I highly recommend these products."

(Charles was using the Kurandera Balm and Serum for Pain Tinctures)



"I am a 57 year old woman, I am Latin American; I had a brain aneurysm 10 years ago, and after being in an induced coma for a month, I was awaken, but I woke up with excruciating Neuro pain on the right side of my body...it's been quite a challenge, the Cannesio Sports Wrap has been an amazing tool to help me with the pain that ails me daily. I use it on my shoulders, on my neck, on my hip, actually last night on my ankle, I couldn't put weight on my foot, after I placed the Cannesio tape around the painful area, within 1 hour, I was able to stand up, brush my teeth and get ready for bed! Great stuff!"