That Balm Stuff (ses) L-Mint

The La Curandera line of Anti-inflammatory, Pain, and Skin protectant skin Balms are crafted from various strains via  the proprietary "Melange Process" as are all MariSöl Elixirs creations.

This product can be used from head to toe and can be used as often as possible. All the skin Salves/Balms work great after a hot bath or shower.  When the skins pores are open it increases absorption into the deeper (5) layers of the skin. Massage sore aching muscles and/or the bends of the legs, arms, and hands.

La Curandera "That Balm Stuff"

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  • All products are crafted using cGMP as mandated by OSHA and other industrial recommended standards.

    1. Check ingedient listing for possible hyper-sensitiviy to natural oils used.

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