The Das Fingerling [ part Serum..part Tinture] line  was created & crafted so that you could medicate anywhere, place, and time without the stigma or paranoia associated with [ MJ/ Cannabis].

Convienently small and unintrusive they come in [3ml,4ml]/60-80 dose spritzers] respectively. 


Dont let its size fool you ..Effects are quick and last up to 3 1/2 hours.

Ask about variety avalability:

Strains currently :  Gorilla Glue (4) ,Sour Patch, Sky Walker, Wedding Cake,  are available in 4 differnt flavors

Das Fingerling Shortie

SKU: 20180501SDF
Size 3ml
  • All you'll need is (2-4 sprays (max) every (4 to 6 hours ). An enjoyable blend of fruit flavors to enhance the natural blandness of extracted cannabis organics.


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