' We are just a page in the master plan'

From imagination to reality wasn't an easy transition. We could take you on a journey that extends 40 years ago.. but won't'. 

This is the here.. and now.

My philosophy has always been 'There is no Box '..

"Some people see things as they are and say,why?...

I dream things that never were and say, why not?

' George Bernard Shaw ' 

We are here to educate and help you medicate 





is our slogan. Keeping it real and natural is making a come back for many reasons most of which having due to the growing number of  illnesses  plaguing humanity which didn't exist one hundred  years ago.

The level and degree of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer, Dental Caries, Cancer, Gastrointestinal Disorder, and Eczema, just to name a few, have increased ten fold in an era where the quality of what we ingest is supposed to be better than our foreparents.

Combine this with Man-made environmental factors

Media commercials are ripe with cure-alls that have more negative disclaimers than benefits. The U.S. Government has finally taken a moderate stance regarding the countries addiction to pain meds but

still aren't doing enough.

Our goal  to keep all of our products natural.

We are not Big Tobacco or Pharmacy...

Sitting back like they have done all these years like leeches ready to take advantage and exploit the growing market as the tide changes in the world regarding the Medicinal and Recreational use of Cannabis...

We aren't going to sound the alarm about

Hemp..Hemp... Hemp CBD which has been around for many years before legalization. 

Look people it isn't all about Hemp CBD...

Read the information is out there just look up Raphael Mechoulam Ph.D. Research Interest: My laboratory has worked on the chemistry, pharmacology and clinical effects of natural products (including cannabis) for over 50 years.

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